Author: Kevin A. Valuet, CPP

Federal Judge Blocks New FLSA Overtime Rule

A federal judge in Texas has blocked the new FLSA rule set to begin on December 1st. U.S. District Judge Amos Mazzant ruled that the Labor Department exceeded its authority in setting the new guidelines. 21 states and many business groups requested the injunction in federal courts. The judge agreed with the request, stating that the Department of Labor exceeded its authority by creating this rule....

New Jersey will Maintain Reciprocal Agreement with Pennsylvania

After stating that he would end the New Jersey/Pennsylvania reciprocity agreement, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) on Tuesday, November 22nd reversed his decision. New legislation that allows for the saving of $200 million in health care costs for New Jersey taxpayers allowed for the agreement to continue. You can read more about this change at the website.   SHARE

Government Update: 2016_11

Changes to Indiana County Income Tax There will soon be a change to county withholding taxes in the state of Indiana. Effective January 1, 2017, county income tax rates will be identical for residents and nonresidents subject to a local income tax. Under the previous withholding rules, a different rate was imposed on residents of the county and those that lived outside of the particular county. Th...

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