Help Answer a Member’s Question

Members Helping Members A member of our Chapter has a question and doesn’t know where else to turn.  The question is below. "Since you are all Payroll Professionals I would love your input on what type of Paid Time Off your company includes in the calculation of overtime. I am primarily thinking of the following: Company Holiday, Personal Holidays, Personal Time, Sick Time, Vacation Time, etc. Thank you in advance for your feedback." Please view this post on our Facebook page and answer in the comments.  Thanks for any help! *If anyone else has an issue that your fellow members might be able to help with – send it in through our Contact page. SHARE

Find the Best Workplace for Your Payroll Career

How to Find the Best Workplace for Your Payroll Career Finding a new payroll job is not unlike dating. To make the relationship work, you and your new company should be well matched in areas such as style and personality. Whether you’re an active or passive job candidate, here are seven factors to look for when assessing potential employers and planning your next steps in your payroll career: An engaged communication style  If you’ve ever worked for a company where information seldom trickles down to the staff level, you understand how frustrating a poor or nonexistent communication style can be. When evaluating potential workplaces, note how responsive they are to your messages. Do you have to wait days or weeks to hear back, or do your emails and phone calls get returned within a few hou...

Professional Certifications to Boost Your Payroll Career

Ready to turbo-charge your payroll career? Work toward professional certifications. They tell the world that you have a basket of key skills and industry-specific knowledge. With accreditation such as CPP after your name and on your resume, you can apply for senior payroll positions and possibly increase your starting salary. What’s more, there’s a good chance your boss could want to help you become certified. In a Robert Half survey, 72 percent of CFOs interviewed said their company pays for some or all the costs of employees’ attaining professional certifications, and 76 percent give financial support to keep staff members’ qualifications up to date. Payroll specialists, now is the time to move professional development to the front burner. Professional certifications for the U.S. payroll...

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