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*FREE RCH* COVID-19: Payroll and employment tax considerations

*FREE RCH* COVID-19: Payroll and employment tax considerations

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a historic disruption to the US workforce and a historic governmental response at the federal, state and local levels. Businesses are now challenged to respond to the needs of their employees, comply with new worker protections and workplace restrictions, and assess governmental provisions that offer financial or administrative relief.

To help you navigate the broad spectrum of challenges employers face at this time, we have brought together our employment tax and tax incentives professionals to discuss the payroll and employment tax considerations of the COVID-19 national emergency.

Join us to hear our team of Ernst & Young LLP professionals discuss important developments regarding these federal business tax credits.

Sign up now to learn about:

  • Employee disaster relief benefits – taxation and reporting
  • Employee work from home considerations
  • Federal and state requirements for special paid leave requirements
  • Federal tax credit for paid leave
  • Federal employee retention tax credit
  • Deferral of Social Security tax payments
  • State unemployment insurance benefits including alternatives to laying off workers
  • State filing and tax payment extensions
  • Other state requirements affecting the workforce

Register today and earn 1.0 RCH or CPE credits.

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