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Special: ITIN Program Changes

Special: ITIN Program Changes

Help spread the word about recent changes to the ITIN program

This material has been developed by the IRS to support your efforts in encouraging taxpayers to renew their ITIN now if they plan to file a tax return in 2017.

You’ll find useful content in several languages, including a fact sheet, a printable flyer and specialized products and links to other helpful resources. Also, Twitter images and messages in English and in Spanish are available to reach out to the community active in the social media platforms – check it out!

What Can We Help You Find?

·         Visit the ITIN information page on and take a few minutes to understand the guidelines.


·         See versions in English and Spanish of the letter sent to over 300,000 affected taxpayers.


·         Find an overview of ITIN outreach products in several languages to help you in your efforts.


·         Review a detailed breakdown of key communication messages and plain language explanation in our ITIN Fact Sheet.

·         Grab a brief, ready to print flyer to share with any stakeholder.

  • Use our full-page flyer with more details and links to additional information.
  • Get the current Form W-7, Application for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, and its instructions in English and in Spanish.
ITIN Information in Several Languages

ITIN program products and information is available in:

·         English

·         Spanish

·         Chinese

·         Russian

·         Korean

·         Vietnamese

A few products have also been developed in Haitian Creole.


Getting Involved

IRS Acceptance Agent ProgramTo increase the availability of ITIN services nationwide, the IRS is now recruiting Certified Acceptance Agents year-round. Interested individuals, including community outreach partners and volunteers at tax preparation sites are encouraged to check out the program requirements.


ITIN Questions

Visit the Frequently Asked Question section of the ITIN page in to get answers on some common questions about the program changes

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